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Fire Beater & Rake

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  • Fire Beater

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    Fire beaters are used to effectively control and/or extinguish wildfires in open areas such as grasslands. The wood and aluminium handle options allow a beating operation to happen at a distance. The industrial grade rubber beater allows for the firefighter to smother the flames and halt the fire. Handle length 1400mm. Beater dimensions 310mm x 450mm.
  • Fire Beater – 1.6M Wood / Aluminium handle

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    Fire beaters can be used to effectively put out general fires in open areas such as grass fires etc. The industrial grade rubber acts as a beater to knock out the flames and halt the fire.
  • Lasher Fire Rake Hoe

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    These types of rake hoes are used by firefighters to clear fuel breaks & to mop up a fire. They can also be very useful for turning over burning material, to help in its extinguishment.