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Who are we?

FIRE 247 are suppliers of fire fighting equipment, water pumps and Foam CAFS systems to clients throughout the Southern African region. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest International Technical Developments and Enhancements in the Fire Fighting industry in order to provide our customers with informed and up to date products using the latest technology available.

Our partners include local suppliers who build the off-road 4×4 trailer units as well as bakkie skid units, which gets delivered to clients in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar and Mozambique. This helps to strengthen local content and empower service providers as well as bringing stability to the market.

We Supply:

  • Bakkie and Trailer Skid units
  • CAFS – Compressed Air and Foam System
  • Fixed and Portable Water Pumps
  • Foam, Straight and Penetrator Nozzles
  • Fire Fighting Backpacks

We Provide the Best Quality Fire Fighting Products to Small Businesses and Fire Stations.

The Brands we Supply

Featured Products

  • Trident Foamate #1.0 Class A Foam System


    Foam Percentage Setting • Turn Dial Pre-Set Foam Percentages to: 0.25, 0.50, and 1% Performance @ 100 PSI/10 Bar 400 GPM (1500 LPM) at .25% 200 GPM (750 LPM) at .50% 100 GPM (375 LPM) at 1% Certified NFPA performance Strainers (WATER & FOAM) • Two (2) In-line industrial brass strainers ($31. each) • Much larger strainers! • Do not required water and hose line removal • Full flow — no restriction • Optional by installer: can be piped to master pump drain to automatically flush on opening drain On-Off Control • Turn On-Off Dial — controls foam flow Water Flow Indication & Control • Top, Sides, and Bottom • controlled dial to select GPM / LPM
  • Prima P1 6010 UV SmartCAFS

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    UV SmartCAFS is a Compressed Air Foam System that works smarter for you. Using a Compressed Air Foam System has traditionally been a complex and daunting task with many sequentially specialised steps. Successfully balancing the water pump, foam system, and air system so they work effectively together can be downright frustrating. The days of intimidating CAFS are over. UV SmartCAFS executes all of these functions for your operator and completely simplifies the CAFS procedure. The fully programmable presets allow your department to set CAFS configurations for numerous fire scenarios making it easier than ever to operate a Compressed Air Foam System.
  • 600lt Fire fighting Skid Unit mounted on custom Off Road Trailer

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    600 Liter Trailer mounted fire fighting system, all ready to go when the fire hits the Fields. This strong and durable units are built locally and will withstand any punishment its given in our tough mountain ranges in South Africa.
  • Powerflow 17/10

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    The 17/10 is a single stage centrifugal pump directly mounted to a compact and highly efficient Textron 2 cyclinder, 4 stroke engine.



    The WATERAX STRIKER-3 also known as ULTRASTRIKER® pump, pairs a reliable 3-stage centrifugal pump end with the Honda 4-stroke 13 HP engine to achieve pressures of up to 345 PSI (23.8 BAR) and flow rates reaching 102 GPM (386 L/Min). It can be used by itself, in tandem or in parallel with other WATERAX pumps, and is also a very popular choice for snow making and slip-on applications.
  • 2500lt Off Road Fire Fighting Trailer

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    BASIC TRAILER - add pump options and extras Dual-axle – 3 500kg (drum-brake) 4 x Wheels – 15” 215 with white epoxy rims Roto tank – 2 500L with 400mm lid GVM: 3 500kg Registration and Microdotting documentation included OPTION 1 - 250lpm / 10 BAR 1 x Twin stage Davey pump with GX160 recoil start Honda motor 1 x Manual hose reel with 30m hose (20mm) and brass nozzle 5m x 2” suction hose and strainer x 1½” brass Y-strainer, necessary plumbing, return to tank, etc. OPTION 2 - 550lpm / 11 BAR Twin stage wide Davey pump with GX390 recoil start Honda motor 1 x Manual hose reel with 30m hose (20mm) and brass nozzle 5m x 2” suction hose and strainer 1 x 2” brass Y-strainer, necessary plumbing, return to tank, etc.
  • Kestrel 5500 Fire Weather Meter Pro


    The Kestrel 5100 Pocket Weather Meter is Kestrel's Racing pit meter. Kestrel has been trusted for years for last minute tuning decisions. Get readings where it counts, on the track, not the trailer. With the new LINK technology, you can get readings right to your smartphone up to 100 feet away! What's new with the Kestrel 5500FW over the StandardKestrel 5500: You'll get all the features and benefits of the lightweight waterless 5500 Meter with a few added benefits for $10 more.
    • PIG Screen (Probability of Ignition)
    • FDFM  (Fine Dead Fuel Moisture)
    * Note the PIG Screen will show FDFM at the bottom. Advantage over the Kestrel 3000 & Kestrel 3500FW models: You won't need to calibrate this meter! NK/Kestrel stand by this and other 5000 series models to hold calibration within drift for 5 years. Replacing a Sling Psychrometer with a Kestrel is a huge step in time saving and accuracy.  Some have struggled to take this leap and we wrote this quick Kestrel vs. Sling article that may answer questions of accuracy.
    Kestrel will stand by the RH for 5 years, and will adjust it within that 5 years if needed.
    Kestrel will repair, recalibrate or replace any defective product within the warranty period.  “Defective” includes measurements outside of our accuracy spec plus stated drift.
    RH (Relative Humidity):  See Chart for more detail.
    • Accuracy:  +/- 2%RH
    • Sensors:  10 to 90% 25°C non-condensing
    • Calibration Drift: Typically less than +/- 0.25% per year!
    To achieve stated accuracy, unit must be permitted to equilibrate to external temperature when exposed to large, rapid temperature changes and be kept out of direct sunlight. Download Catalogue here

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