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Trailer Units / Bakkie Sakkies / Skid Units

We have a range of durable Bakkie Sakkies for Water and Foam, Fire Fighting Skid Units and Fire Trailers for sale. This Firefighter trailer & skid units range from 400lt to 2500lt. The Water Tank, Pump, hose reel, and fittings can be assembled to fit your unique environment. Our portable fire fighting units are built on sturdy weatherproof trailer units, which makes it mobile over any terrain with your 4×4 vehicle, ensuring that you can get to places that are difficult using a normal fire fighting engine. Request a quote, and we’ll ensure that you get the best price.

When you buy a Veld Fire Fighting Trailer, then you’ll receive one complete with papers (road worthy and ready to register on your name), they come with heavy-duty (1500kg rated) with 14’” commercial tires – either braked or non-brake axel. We deliver anywhere in South Africa, and over borders.

  • 400 Litre to 2500 Liter Water Tanks
  • Davey Twin Standard pump producing 10bar / 250Liters per minute
  • Davey Twin Wide pump producing 10bar / 550Liters per minute
  • Hose Reel from 30 meters to 100 meters.
  • Our hose reels are locally manufactured, durable and sturdy heavy-duty hose reels with hydraulic rotating coupling and manual or electric rewind-handle.
  • Unique T-tank design

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    Answer: Our range includes Firefighting Skid Units and Trailers with capacities ranging from 1000 liters to 2500 liters, catering to a variety of needs.

    Answer: Absolutely, we offer customization options to allow you to configure the components based on your unique environment and firefighting preferences.

    Answer: Yes, our units are constructed on robust, weatherproof trailer units, making them highly maneuverable across any terrain and suitable for use with 4×4 vehicles.

    Answer: When you acquire a Veld Fire Fighting Trailer, it comes complete with papers (roadworthy and ready for registration). It is equipped with heavy-duty (1500kg rated) 14” commercial tires, available with either a braked or non-brake axle.

    Answer: Yes, we offer delivery services nationwide in South Africa and provide international shipping options for orders crossing borders.

    Answer: Our units are crafted with durability in mind, featuring robust construction and high-quality materials to ensure effective and dependable firefighting capabilities.

    Answer: Contact us via WhatsApp, email, or simply visit our website and fill out the quote request form. We’ll ensure you receive the best price tailored to your specifications.

    Answer: Yes, our trailers offer the option of either braked or non-brake axles, providing flexibility and increased safety during transportation.

    Answer: While their primary purpose is firefighting, our units are versatile and adaptable for various water and foam applications to meet diverse needs.

    Answer: We provide a range of additional features and accessories to augment the functionality of our units, offering customization based on specific requirements.