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In the last year, Wildfires in the Overberg District have destroyed almost 50 homes and threatened several neighborhoods.


This awareness programme has been initiated to provide practical, affordable and quality tested advice to homeowners living in or close to dense vegetation like fynbos, forests and/or dense alien plants.


Protect your home from the destruction and crippling costs of wildfire.


Homeowners living in the Overberg wildland areas.

– Louise Wessels, Greater Overberg Fire Protection Manager, fighting the fight against accidental wildfire alongside
district Fire Services in the Overberg since 2016.



This initiative is open to anyone who would like to help protect themselves, their neighbourhoods and
the charming towns of the Overberg District from the devastation of losing their properties to wildfire.

How to stay safe when a wildfire threatens

You clearly don’t have much say on weather and topography. But you CAN manage the fuel in your home. So we’ve compiled a few critical, and achievable actions that you, as a homeowner can take to reduce the risk of wildfire damaging your home (these are taken from Canada’s FireSmart: Protecting Your Community

Do you live in or close to nature? This is for you

You live in a wildland interface area. That means it’s an area where homes and businesses are built in or near natural areas, among trees and other vegetation that can catch fire easily. The challenges around wildland interface fires are becoming more pronounced for a number of reasons: • If you live in the interface

Fire Season: Investigations Unveil Ignitions

Fire investigators have been able to identify alleged fire-starters – both human and other – during the past fire season. The team from Enviro Wildfire Services has investigated most fires in the Overberg between October 2018 and May 2019. Thanks to their information


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