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Scotty Variable Percentage Checkvalves

These checkvalves are designed to fit all Scotty 4060 eductors, controlling the percentage of foam concentrate educted. The Back Pack systems can be fitted with the 4064 Variable Checkvalve foam control unit. This extra option gives the operator the ability to control the foam percentage being educted. The presets are OFF, .5%, 1% and 3%.



  • Designed to fit all Scotty 4060 Eductors. Controls the percentage of foam concentrate.
  • Four control positions: Off – .5% – 1% and 3%.
  • Suitable for eduction of Class A and Class B (AFFF) foam concentrates.
  • They can be retrofitted onto Scotty 4060 Eductors.
  • 4064          For use with ¾” GHT Foam Pick-up Hos
  • 4065          For attaching to 1.3 gallon jugs, used in 4075 Foam Kits
NOTE: When ordering checkvalves, the flow rate of the eductors must be specified.