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Trident Foamate #1.0 Class A Foam System

Trident’s FOAMATE 1.0 is an around-the-pump foam proportioning system that is easy to install and operate, providing Class A foam capabilities to any fire apparatus. A venturi device type system that educts foam concentrate from either the on-board foam tank or external sources, sending foam solution to all discharge outlets simultaneously. The FOAMATE 1.0 system can provide proportioning at .25%, .50%, or 1% injection rates. It is available with GPM or LPM calibrations.



Trident Foamate #1.0 Class A Foam System

Construction of Body
• Brass & stainless steel
• Chrome brass threads

Maximum Pressure
• 600 PSI / 40 Bar

• Incorporated into the ONOFF valve control.
• Integral check valve in foam concentrate line standard.

Foamate Details
• Eductor water connection is 1/4” FNPT
• Eductor foam solution connection is 3/8” FNPT
• Eductor foam concentrate connection is 3/4” MGHT
• Driving water flow is 5 GPM at 100 PSI
• Wye strainer connection is 3/4”
• Wye strainer cleanout thread is 1/2”

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Download the Trident Foamate Tech Specification here.