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Storm King Fire Barrier Curtains

Named after the mountain in Colorado where fourteen firefighters died in a burnover in 1994, Storm King Mountain has been a leader in providing products that use thermal insulating materials to protect firefighters in a fast moving flame front. Fire Barrier Curtains save lives.



Storm King Fire Barrier Curtains

Launched in 1999, our Fire Barrier Curtain is made of multiple layers of aluminum that provide burn protection on fire engines, bulldozers, water tankers, and other fire safety equipment. The curtain is held in place and can withstand 50 miles per hour (80 Km/h) winds, safeguarding firefighters from the harshest elements.

Product Testing:

Our fire curtain products are designed for both radiant and convective heat environments. They are the first products designed for firefighters’ protection in wildfire conditions. The Storm King Mountain™ fire curtains are made to handle the direct flame contact of fast-moving flame fronts with no burn through of the material in heat flux conditions of 85 kW/M2/second and temperatures up to 1,100°C (2,000°F) for up to 5 minutes.

Specification Table:

Service temperature

 1100°C (2000°F)

Insulation core fiber

 6 microns diameter


  6 mm (0.250 in) max

     Thickness tolerance

 +/- 2mm (0.080 in)


 130 kg/m3 ( 8 lbs ft 3)

 Flash point

 Not applicable

Upper flammable limit

 Not applicable

Auto ignition temp


Explosion data

  Not applicable

General fire hazard

 No potential for fire

Breaking strength per ASTM D5034

  1557 N (350 lbs)


 1112 N (250 lbs)

Heat transfer per ISO6942-2002

Heat flux density

 0.85 kW/m2

Reflective film

 Aluminized polyester

  with self-extinguishing adhesive

 Film flame resistance per ASTM D6413
After flame

 1.0 seconds max

Char length

   1.3 cm (0.5 in) max

Radiant reflectivity per MIL-C-24929A

   10 seconds min


  IARC Group 3,

 not classifiable to humans


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