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The Scotty Fire Squall Wall is an easy to use device that creates a wall of water to help cool and protect structures. When connected to a water supply hose the angled ramp within the unit directs the water flow up through the opening vent. Depending on flow and pressure, the Squall Wall can create a wall of water up to 40 feet wide and 20 feet high. The Squall Wall™ can be secured to the ground with a spike or to a plywood plate for fast deployment. It can also be pre-positioned and permanently mounted on rooftops, walls, and gantries, even in trees. The Squall Wall™ is available in three different flow rates: 15gpm, 30gpm and 50 gpm at 100 psi. The 4056 come in the following configurations: 4056** Male 1-½” NPSH threads 4056-**A Male 1-½” NHT threads 4056-**AF Female 1-½” NPSH threads (4086 Connector) 4056-**F Female 1-½” NHT threads (4085Connector) 4056-**QC Quarter Turn Quick Connect (4089F Quick Connect) 4056-**TA with 1-½” NHT Tee 4056-**TC with 1-½” NPSH Tee ** indicates a flow rate of either 15gpm,30gpm or 50gpm

Manufactured By Scotty Firefighter



  • Can create a wall of water 40′ wide and 20′ high
  • Secure with three screws or a single spike in the ground
  • Flow rates available: 15, 30 and 50 GPM
  • Available with 1-1/2″ male (NHT) or with female threads (NHT) (with double female connector)

Available in Flow Rates:

15gpm / 68.19Lpm @ 100psi
30gpm / 136.38Lpm @ 100psi
50 gpm / 227.30 Lpm @ 100psi