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Prima P2 3010 UV SmartCAFS

UV SmartCAFS is a Compressed Air Foam System that works smarter for you. Using a Compressed Air Foam System has traditionally been a complex and daunting task with many sequentially specialised steps. Successfully balancing the water pump, foam system, and air system so they work effectively together can be downright frustrating. The days of intimidating CAFS are over. UV SmartCAFS executes all of these functions for your operator and completely simplifies the CAFS procedure. The fully programmable presets allow your department to set CAFS configurations for numerous fire scenarios making it easier than ever to operate a Compressed Air Foam System.


Prima P2 3010 UV SmartCAFS


  • Intuitive interface Advanced safety interlocks
  • Communicates with Class1 Sentry Governor
  • Best in class color display
  • Capable of multi-languages
  • Prevents mixing of A and B foam types
  • On screen maintenance minders
  • Full system data logging
  • IP67 protection
  • Choice of air flow volumes with three compressor options – 1440 l/min (CAFS50), 2880 l/min (CAFS100), 5760 l/min (CAFS200)

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Certification(s) Certification
Brand Prima
Flow (GPM) 749 gpm
Flow (LPM) 3400 l/min
Rated Output LPM 2000 l/min @ 10 bar
Rated Output GPM 440.5 gpm @ 145 psi
Maximum outlet pressure bar 17 bar
Maximum outlet pressure psi 247 psi
Priming time to 7.5m with 100mm suction hose 22 seconds (4 inch hose)
Recommended priming speed 2500 rpm
Maximum recommended priming speed 3600 rpm
Seal type Mechanical seal
CAFS – Minimum operating pressure 4 bar
CAFS – Maximum operating pressure 10 bar
Nonimal air flow at maximum pressure 1440 l/min (CAFS50) or 2880 l/min (CAFS100)
Air ratio range (Solution) 1: 3 (wet) to 1:20 (dry)
Foam Pump Options 2.1  FoamLogix,3.3 FoamLogix
Maximum operating pressure options 17.2 bar (FoamLogix 2.1), 27.6 bar (FoamLogix 3.3)
Foam concentrate outputs 8 l/min (FoamLogix 2.1) 12 l/min FoamLogix 3.3)

Performance Guide PDF

Prima P2 3010 UV SmartCAFS Install & Op Manual

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