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PowerFlow HPX200-B23 medium pressure/medium flow pump

You want flexibility and performance. High quality is your minimum standard. That’s why the Hale Attack Firefighting pump range are designed to be tough and perform well at higher or lower pressures. Hale has over 100 years’ experience making fire pumps so you can be sure your Hale pump will deliver performance when you need it.


PowerFlow HPX200-B23 medium pressure/medium flow pump

Manufactured by GODIVA

Equipment Specifications

  • Type: Combination pump
  • suction Connection: 3″ npt female; 4″ Victaulic
  • discharge Connection: 2.5″ npt female
  • Body and Volute: aluminum.
  • impeller: 8.75″ (222.25 mm) silicon bronze
  • pump shaft: engine shaft with bronze sleeve
  • priming: exhaust Venturi; 20 inches (508 mm)
  • maximum flow: 250 G pm (946 lpm )
  • maximum pressure: 165 psi (11 B ar )
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • length/Width/Height: 22″ x 18″ x 20.5″ (559 mm x 457 mm x 521 mm)


  • throttle level
  • priming controls
  • master on/ off switch
  • start push-Button
  • Choke Control
  • low oil pressure Warning l ight
  • discharge Gauge: 2.5” (63.5 mm) dia. Glycerine filled, 0 to 400 PSI (0 to 28 B ar)

Available Options

  • suction adapters
  • discharge adapters
  • discharge and suction manifolding (refer to pro Kit order sheets)
  • Hourmeter
  • exhaust elbow with rain cap
  • deluxe (two gauge) or base mount panels
  • protective pump coating for harsh or seawater applications
  • Base fuel tank or 6 gallon remote tank
  • exhaust blank


  • make: Briggs & stratton Vanguard tm
  • model: 386400 series
  • type: Horizontal shaft, air cooled, V-twin o HV, gasoline
  • Horsepower: 23 BH p (17.2 kW) at 4000 rpm
  • torque: 32.9 ft-lbs @ 2600 rpm
  • (44.6 n m @ 2600 rpm )
  • Borextroke: 3 x 2.8” (75.5 x 70 mm)
  • displacement: 38.3 cubic inches (627 cc)
  • oil Capacity: 1.8 quarts (1.7 liter)
  • optional fuel tank: Cross linked polyethylene
  • electrical: 16 amp alternator
  • emissions: meets current Car B and epa standards

B23 Briggs & Stratton Engines

245 GPM @ 25 PSI • 190 GPM @ 75 PSI
125 G pm @ 125 psi • 85 GPM @ 150 PSI

The Maxstream model configuration is an ideal product for oem installation. The pumping unit is attached to a steel skid plate base that can be easily mounted into any vehicle. t he rail base includes all required hardware and vibration isolators. a remote instrument panel with mounted single discharge gauge and engine controls is included as standard.

The pump connections are 3-inch female npt /4″ V i C for pump intake and 2-1/2″ female npt for the pump discharge. priming is located at the eye of the impeller for faster priming and increased lifts. t he H p X200-B23 comes with an exhaust primer as standard and the option of either a hand or electric primer.

The Hp max stream series pump also features Hale’s exclusive band clamp design for quick and easy access for maintenance and repair. A bronze impeller and replaceable bronze wear rings are housed in a high strength, lightweight aluminum alloy pump housing (optional anodized aluminum pump for harsh water conditions is available) .

Features and Benefits:

  • X Version – Configured for installation by truck builders
  • full instrumentation — instrument panel shipped loose for remote mounting
  • superior performance — High pump efficiency
  • exclusive band clamp design — Quick and easy access for maintenance and repairs
  • Briggs & stratton Vanguard Cooler/Cleaner engine — Quiet, cooler, cleaner and more powerful operation.

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