Powerflow 17/10

The 17/10 is a single stage centrifugal pump directly mounted to a compact and highly efficient Textron 2 cyclinder, 4 stroke engine.

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With a volute and impeller designed to maximise efficiency and output, the 17/10 offers a continuous performance of at least 1700 litres per minute at 10 bar of pressure with a 3 metre lift.


  • Compact in size allowing for stow away in side locker compartments.
  • A high output to weight ratio makes it on average 35% better in terms of pump output per kg of payload than other 4 stroke engine pumps in its category.
  • Four adjustable fold away handles are strategically placed to improve stability and reduce ergonomic strain.


Certification(s) Certification
Weight 281.6 lbs (128Kg)
Length 26.7 inches (677 mm)
Width 20.7 inches (525 mm)
Height 24.5 inches (620 mm)
Flow (GPM) 540 gpm @ 43.5 psi
Flow (LPM) 2450 l/min @ 3 bar
Fuel Type Petrol/Gasoline
Rated Output LPM 1500 l/min @ 10 bar – FPN 10-1500
Rated Output GPM 330.4 gpm @ 145 psi
Maximum flow at 10 bar 1700 l/min
Maximum outlet pressure bar 16.3 bar
Maximum outlet pressure psi 236 psi
Priming time to 7.5m with 100mm suction hose <30 seconds
Maximum recommended priming speed 6100 rpm
Application Solutions Portables Transportable / Self Contained
Performance Application Type Medium Pressure, High Flow
Dimensions Small
Priming Option Exhaust

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