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Scotty Penetrator nozzle

Scotty Penetrator Nozzle # 4005 The Scotty Penetrator Nozzle is specifically designed with a 1/4” discharge orifice. When connected to the end of a fire hose, it generates a high velocity water jet. The pencil thin water jet penetrates the duff in Wildland fire, extinguishing deep seated fires. When used in conjunction with Class “A” foam this nozzle is an extremely effective tool on duff fires. Comes with 1.5” double female connector. Specify 4005 for NPSH and 4005A for NHT.

Manufactured by Scotty Firefighter



  • ¼” tip opening for penetrating deep into the forest duff.
  • Tip opening can be bored out for higher flow.
  • Includes double female fitting to provide female thread connection. 1-½” (38 mm) NHT, NP or BSP male threads.
  • Maximum operating pressure 150 PSI.
  • 4005C – 1.5” NPSH Penetrator Nozzle
    4005A – 1.5” NHT Penetrator Nozzle