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WATERAX Panel Mount Standard Diesel Control Panel

Panel Mount Standard Diesel Control Panel

Designed for apparatus builders who want to integrate their control panel into their fire apparatus panel enclosure, the Panel Mount Standard Control Panel is the ideal solution. The PMSCP-DIESEL includes a low-pressure protection system that shuts down the pump to protect the pump when prime is lost.

Manufactured by WATERAX



The PMSCP also features a glow plug timer and a high-water-temperature warning light, as well as a provision for a primer.

Enclosure: Black anodized aluminum
Throttle control: Vernier throttle with red emergency throttle idle push button
Master: Backlit LED stainless steel push button
Pressure gauge: 0-600 PSI” 2.5” dial
Low-oil alert: Daylight visible LED, red
FastWire CTRL cable: Quick-connect 14-pin female industrial sealed connector for diesel units
LPP protection: Back lit LED stainless steel push button