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Odin® Cobra 200-100 CAFS Unit

The compressed air foam system shall be a high-output, engine-driven, module-type design. It shall include all of the following necessary components built into a compact frame assembly. The CAFS shall be designed to discharge water only, air only, foam solution only or compressed air foam from the same discharge outlet. In addition, the consistency of the compressed air foam (expansion ratio), wet/dry shall be fully adjustable.

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Odin® Cobra 200-100 CAFS Unit


The power to drive the system shall be provided by a Hatz model 4H50TIC, liquid – cooled, turbo-charged, Teir IV diesel engine. The heavy-duty rating for this engine is 73 hp @ 2800 rpm. Automotive engines or ratings will not be used. The engine shall have a cylinder head of cast aluminum and crankcase of grey cast iron

Water Pump

The water pump shall be a Darley model 2-1/2 AGE single-stage, centrifugal pump with a vertically split aluminum case and bronze impeller on a stainless steel shaft.

Air Compressor

Replacement elements shall be readily available. A pneumatic modulating inlet valve mounted on the air end inlet shall control the compressor. An Auto Odin balancing system shall be provided to automatically maintain the air pressure within plus Or – minus 5% of the water pump pressure throughout the CAFS operating range. Further more, all the control air fittings shall be of brass, stainless steel or chrome construction. The air compressor cooling system shall incorporate a thermostat that maintains the system oil temperature within 168°F (75.6°C) to 225°F (107.2°C) range. The system shall be capable of maintaining recommended operating temperatures throughout the full operational range of ambient temperatures up to 115°F (46.1°C). A dry cartridge type air filter shall be provided on the compressor air intake.

Drive System

The water pump shall be directly driven using a centaflex coupling on an extension shaft in line with the crankshaft of the engine. Poly-Chain®ii drive system.

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