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WATERAX Mini Control Panel

Mini Control Panel

Designed for apparatus builders who want a cost effective remote mounted solution, the Mini Control Panel offers all the basic functionality needed including a vernier throttle, low-oil light, choke cable, pressure gauge, and low-pressure protection system. The panel quickly and easily connects to the pump electrically through an 8-pin FastWire connector. The WATERAX FastWire system provides all the necessary components for a simple plug and play installation.

Manufactured by WATERAX



The Mini Control Panel (MCP) serves as a remote mount control panel for any of the WATERAX vehicle mounted pumps. The
MCP features a left-to-right launch sequence that makes field operation of a vehicle mount system easy to master and swift to

Enclosure: Steel, powder coated black
Throttle control: Vernier throttle with red emergency throttle idle push button
Choke control: Push/pull engine choke cable
Master: Toggle switch
Engine start: Toggle Switch
Pressure gauge: Dual unit 0-600 PSI/0-4000 kilopascals 2.5” dial
Low-oil alert: LED, red
FastWire CTRL cable: Quick-connect 8-pin female industrial sealed connector