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GODIVA KP 4136 PTO driven centrifugal fire pumps

The Godiva KP series of rear or midship mounted PTO driven centrifugal fire pumps offers the ultimate in unrivalled performance up to 1500 LPM because only the KP offers both a single-pressure and a multi-pressure option, reduced whole life cost of ownership, is easily installed and maintained all in the smallest, lightest package in the market. Bronze option available.


GODIVA KP 4136 PTO driven centrifugal fire pumps


  • EN1028 rated performance to 1500 l/min at 10 bar and 250 l/min at 40 bar
  • Small size allows room for additional equipment
  • 5 year maintenance intervals reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • Single piston primer has simple construction for low cost of ownership, with fewer parts
  • Fail safe electric primer shutoff ensures primer is not activated at higher speeds, greatly increasing the life of the primer
  • Primer seal assembly removed by two bolts so assembly can be maintained at a work bench Identical plumbing can be used on engine and opposite engine rotation pumps
  • Three gearbox orientations – Left, right, and down orientations for installation flexibility
  • 1.90:1, 2.33:1, 2.91:1 ratios to suit most engine and PTO applications
  • Available in light alloy or gunmetal


Weight 167 lbs Aluminium, 260 lbs Bronze
Length 21 (527)
Width 12,5 (316)
Height 21,2 (538)
Flow (GPM) 435 gpm
Flow (LPM) 1975 l/min
Rated Output LPM 1500 l/min @ 10 bar – FPN 10-1500
Rated Output GPM 330.4 gpm @ 145 psi
Maximum flow – High pressure 550 l/min
Maximum outlet pressure – High Pressure 54.5 bar
Maximum outlet pressure bar 17 bar
Maximum outlet pressure psi 248 psi
Priming time to 7.5m with 100mm suction hose 30 seconds (100mm hose)
Recommended priming speed 3000 rpm (impeller)
Maximum recommended priming speed 3000 rpm
NFPA 1906 or EN Rated Capacity FPN 10-750 FPH 40-250, FPN 10-1000 FPH 40-250, FPN 10-1500 FPH 40-250, FPN 15-1000 FPH 40-250
Thermal relief valve action 42C or 74C (108F to 165F)
Impeller material Hard anodized aluminium alloy
Volute material High strength corrosion resistant aluminium alloy(Gunmetal Optional)
Seal type Mechanical seal
Application Solutions Vehicles Firefighting – Industrial
Drive PTO
Pump type Multi-pressure

Installation / Service

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