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UHP-HV® Diesel High Volume pump

This dual pump is designed for either a powerhead type unit or a full module. The module provides a “self-contained” diesel powered “slide-in” type ultra high pressure / high volume system (UHP- HV). The system shall be designed to fit into the back of a standard length and width pick-up truck or fire service body. The powerhead is to be installed and plumbed by OEM/installer. The powerhead provides diesel driven volume and pressure pumps. The system is designed to be mounted and finished by installer.

Manufactured by ODIN


UHP-HV® Diesel High Volume pump


The power to drive the system shall be provided by a Kubota model DH 902, liquid cooled, indirect injection, naturally aspirated diesel engine. The heavy duty rating for this engine is 24.8 hp @ 3600 rpm.  The power unit shall have re-borable crankcase of grey cast iron. The pressure-lubricated engine shall have a 12VDC – 40 amp alternator along with glow plugs.

High Volume Water Pump

The low pressure water pump shall be a Darley 2BE single-stage centrifugal pump with a vertically split aluminum case. It shall have replaceable bronze impeller and seal rings on a stainless steel shaft. The pump seal shall be of a mechanical design.

Priming System

A Darley 12 VDC electric, oil-less, rotary-vane priming system shall be utilized. The primer is capable of priming the water pump through 20’ of hard suction hose with a 10’ lift.

Module Frame

The module frame shall be constructed of aluminum and designed for rigorous fire service use. Aluminum
tubing shall be ¼” thick and be of 6061 or better specification.


  • Wildland
  • Structural firefighting
  • Water transfer
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Mop Up


35″L x 41″W x 26.3″H, 441 lbs. (200 kg)

Pump Flyer

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