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BB-4-21 High-Pressure Fire Pump


The WATERAX BB-4 -21 pump pairs a reliable high performance 4-stage pump end with a powerful Honda 4-stroke 21 HP engine to achieve pressures of up to 440 PSI (30.3 BAR) and flow rates reaching 106 GPM (401 L/Min). Strong enough to operate as a source pump for tandem and parallel pumping, it is also optimal for direct attack firefighting, remote watering, sprinkler systems, and is a popular choice for slip-on units.


For more information read this data sheet



The WATERAX quick release clamp provided on the BB-4® pump lets you replace a damaged pump end in the field with minimal equipment downtime. The 4-stage pump end on the BB-4® is identical to the pump end on the MARK-3® unit, which greatly reduces your spare parts inventory and improves your ability to respond to unforeseen equipment damage. You can also quickly install a mid-range B2XTM pump end as needed for supply or structure firefighting.


  • Slip-on units
  • Attack line firefighting
  • Long hose lay for remote watering during firefighting operations
  • High elevation firefighting in mountainous areas
  • Accuracy in flow trajectory when structure firefightingTandem pumping over long distances
  • Parallel pumping for higher volumes


Features and Benefits

  •  Quick release clamp and swappable pump ends for minimal equipment downtime and inventory
  • Sealed bearing to eliminate pump end greasing in the field
  • Belt drive system for reliable, low maintenance performance
  • Aluminium alloy pump components and anodized parts for lighter weight and greater resistance to corrosion
  • Comprehensive user and service manuals
  • EPA Certified