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Halligan Pry Tools ML804

Halligan bar is a useful multipurpose tool ideal for pulling, prying, striking, punching or twisting during overhaul or for forcible entry applications. The Halligan bar tool meets ANSI specification for hardness and comes in the 24- and 36-inch length variants. This Halligan bar is manufactured from high-carbon, heat treated steel for extended durability and comes with zinc plating for corrosion resistance.


Halligan Pry Tools are designed to get you in faster and more efficiently. Fire247’s selection includes crow bars, utility pry bars, forcible entry bars/tools, lock pulls and more. Most Halligan Pry Tools have many functions and uses to eliminate the need for carrying around several tools.

  • Grooved bar for excellent grip
  • Machined sharpened claws
  • Pike is long, sharp, tapered and gently curved to break locks or latches
  • Cutting claw is perfect for slicing through sheet metal
  • Weight: 11 lbs.

Technical Specifications

Handle Length 24- or 36-inch
Handle Material High Carbon Steel
Head Material High Carbon Steel
Head Size 7″ W x 6-1/2″ Thick