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Fyr Flote

Portable Floating Pump

The Fyr Flote is a lightweight, portable centrifugal pump mounted on an unsinkable, high-strength polyethylene float with dual carrying handles and a splash suppression collar. A high-volume model (20FV-C8) and a high-pressure model (20FP-C8) meet most every pump need — in as little as four inches of water. Weighing just 49 pounds, the Fyr Flote stores easily in most truck compartments. It includes an automatic recoil starter, a spark arresting muffler, and an engine overspeed control switch.

Product Specifications

Fyr Flote281/4″20″16″49 lbs



  • Type: Centrifugal, bolted to engine
  • suction: 2” non-threaded, with easily removable oversized screen
  • discharge: 1.5” nsT male
  • Head: lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy
  • Volute: High strength aluminum alloy with machined waterways for maximum performance
  • Impeller: Bronze enclosed type for maximum efficiency
  • Clearance Rings: Patented floating bronze clearance ring for minimum clearance, to prevent rubbing, seizing, and alignment problems
  • Pump shaft: engine’s vertical shaft serves as pump shaft, protected against corrosion by a bronze sleeve.
  • shaft seal: self-adjusting, self-lubricated using a special ceramic seat for wear and shock resistance.
  • Priming: exclusive auto prime system works without a suction hose


  • make: u.s. motor Power Inc.
  • Type: single cylinder, two-cycle gasoline
  • Horsepower: 8 HP at 7,000 rPm
  • Cooling: Forced air
  • starting: Water-resistant, solid state ignition
  • Air Filter: Wire mesh element protects against impurities
  • Fuel Filter:75 micronin-line fuel filter;a fuel strainer is built in to the fuel pump

Optional Features

  • stowaway Accessory Package: 100 feet x 1-1/2 inch hose, adjustable nozzle,tune-up kit, and one quart n.m.m.A (BIA) approved 2-cycle engine oil in canvas bag
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