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Forestry Foam Hand Pump & Alpha Backpack

The Scotty 4000BP backpack sprayer system is ideal for rural and remote firefighting operations. The SBP is supplied with a water handpump and nozzle however it can be ordered with an OPTIONAL foam specific hand pump which includes an incorporated foam reservoir and aeration type foam nozzle.

Manufactured by Scotty Firefighter 



  • All the components and features of the 4000-BP Hand Pump & Backpack (left) with the addition of a foam eductor and air-aspirating nozzle (4003).
  • The 4000F-BP eliminates the need to batch mix when Class A foam is required.
  • Each time pump draws water, foam concentrate is educted at 1% into the pump chamber.
  • The 4003 air-aspirating nozzle generates foam when the pump is discharged.
  • 3” wide fully padded, adjustable shoulder and sternum straps.
  • 3” wide fully padded, adjustable shoulder and sternum straps.
  • 1” wide carry handle on top of the backpack.
  • 4” filling opening includes removable debris screen and lid with retaining strap.
  • 3⁄4” GHT hose connection located at bottom center of backpack.
  • Includes 4 foot Pick-up Hose with Quick Connect Shut-Off and Pump Service Kit (4000SERV-DB).
  • Backpack has a capacity of  19 L. Dimensions (empty) 25” H x 16.5” W. It weighs approximately 18.2 kg when full.
    • 4000F    Foam Hand Pump only
    • 4002A    Water/Foam Backpack only
    • 4062        4ft. Pick-up Hose
  • ff3
    Service Kit with
    Duckbill Valves