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Fog/straight stream nozzle with d-handle pistol grip shut-offs

The Scotty #4037 High-Flow Nozzle with D handle shutoff is manufactured From glass-reinforced, engineering grade nylon; this lightweight unit is extremely durable and is not susceptible to corrosion. Designed for flexibility, the nozzle tip can be detached so a Scotty 4060 Foam Eductor can be installed between the nozzle and shut-off. Capable of producing both a wide or fine mist and excellent reach of stream in straight mode. Also available in low-flow (15-30gpm).

Manufactured By Scotty Firefighter 



  • Designed to fit the Scotty 4035, 4037 and 4038 Fog Nozzles.
  • Also fits the UFS 1575 Fog Nozzle.
  • Generates a thick stream of medium expansion
    foam for car or tire fires, haz-mat or any situation where a thick and smothering foam blanket is required.
  • Quickly lays down a foam firebreak for forest and grassland fires.
  • Fully Compatible with Class A and B foams or Gel products.
  • At 100 psi stream exceeds 23m.
  • Available with either 1.5” NHT, NPSH, or BSP female threads.
  • Color: black handle/red barrel.
4037-HF                50 GPM to 100 GPM                1.5″ NP
4037-HFA              50 GPM to 100 GPM               1.5″ NHT
4037-LF                15 GPM to 50 GPM                   1.5″ NP
4037-LFA              15 GPM to 50 GPM                  1.5″ NHT