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Fire gel applicator kits

Scotty fire gel alters the way wildfires burn, decreasing fire intensity and slowing the advance of the fire, even after the water in the fire retardant has evaporated. Applicators for all brands of aqueous fire fighting Gels, like Barricade, Phos-Chek, Thermo-Gel and No-Char. Scotty makes the most economical, effective and easy to use Gel Delivery Systems available today. Fire Gel concentrates consist of super absorbent polymers that absorb and grow to hundreds, even thousands of times their size when exposed to water. The polymers, with all that extra water, provide an excellent thermal barrier against fire. The clinging properties of Fire Gel enable it to be applied precisely where it is needed. Fire Gels can be applied to metal, glass, stucco and wood. When properly applied, Fire Gels will remain hydrated and effective for many hours.

Manufactured by Scotty Firefighter



  • Working hand in hand with Fire Gel Manufacturers, Scotty has carried out extensive research and development on all makes of commonly used fire gels.
  • Most brands can be safely applied to vegetation without permanent damage (with the possible exception of a leaf drop).
  • 4047-3                  3 GPM Gel Kit
  • 4075-GEL15        15 GPM Gel Kit
  • 4047-PP30           30 GPM Gel Kit with pick-up tube and hose. ( gel pail not included.)