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“DAMVARK 750lpm & 1000lpm” FLOATING PUMP

The Floating pump is a fully local manufactured floating pump utilizing a standard Kohler XT775 vertical shaft petrol 4 stroke engine that is fitted with a 2” Hymec trash pump. The engine has a water resistant plastic air filter cover. The fuel consumption is approximate 3lit per hour.

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“DAMVARK 750lpm & 1000lpm” FLOATING PUMP


The pump is manufactured from aluminium and fitted with a case metal open impellor and stainless steel shaft. The benefits of the open impellor is that the pump can pump solids up to 5mm without blockage.

All parts for the floating pump are locally available via any Lawn Mower servicing agent.

The floating pump can be used as a inline booster pump provided that it has a flooded suction.

The floating pump is fitted with the following components as standard:

  • 65mm Female outlet
  • Automatic throttle control meaning that the pump will idle if not coupled and not act as a ‘motor boat’.
  • 5mm inlet strainer web diameter.
  • Capable of a minimum suction depth of 15cm
  • Pump mass – 30kgs.
  • Hi density poly shell float.

The pump performance figures are as follows:

  • 750lpm or 1000lpm at full flow.
  • 3.3bar shut off pressure.
  • Spraying distance through a 19mm solid bore nozzle of 25m approx.