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Backpack fill station

The Scotty fill station provides a quick and easy method to refill water-carrying backpacks. All components of the system are made from glass-filled nylon or PVC and are impervious to corrosion. For connection to NHT pump outlets and hoses, order 4002FILL-NHT. For connection to NPSH pump outlets, order 4002FILL-NPSH.

Manufactured by Scotty Firefighter



  • Provides a quick and easy method to refill Backpacks.
  • Installs on any 1-½” water outlet.
  • Connects to the Pick-up Hose of any Scotty Backpack (¾” GHT).
  • Consists of a 1-½” Water Thief Tee, Double Female Connector (NHT or NP), 4 foot Hose and Quick Connect Shut-Off
  • 4002FILL-NPSH     Fill Station with NPSH connector
  • 4002FILL-NHT       Fill Station with NHT connector

Pump Maintenance Kit   (for older model hand pumps.)