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ARK – Inflatable Tent – MODULO DESIGN

This design leverages on the benefits of our standard 5m x 5m geodesic tent design (sturdy, self-erecting, manageable size and weight for transporting and erecting), however we have designed vertical sides, so there is significantly more space utilization inside the tent. The generic design module, allows the tent to be used as complete standalone, or to be connected with other tent modules in any linear, L-shape, U-shape configuration.


ARK – Inflatable Tent – MODULO DESIGN

Due to all sides being identical, ‘plugging’ tents together is easier, and also more secure and waterproof (an external cover flap with industrial zip above the 2.5m door flaps provides an integrated joining of the tents). On the inside the 2.5m wide door flaps, provide sturdy 50mm D-rings, these are used to secure the door flaps when rolled up, when the flap is down and zipped, the same D-rings can be used for hanging equipment, white boards, etc.

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  • 9m x 4.9m external size
  • 5m height
  • 5m zip doors on each side (4 wide flaps)
  • Within each of the 4 side access flaps, in a 900mm “door”, that consists of fly screen and PVC cover flap
  • 16 x 25mm D-ring attachment points on inside airframe for attaching LED lighting
  • 12 x 50mm D-rings – along top of inside vertical flaps (4 flaps) for securing equipment, whiteboards
  • Along all 4 sides on outer perimeter at ground sheet level, built in Velcro flaps that serve as ‘conduit’ for cables, pipes, etc
  • Single inflation point – self erecting.
  • Airframe tubes made from 1000g Valmex marine PVC
  • Groundsheet is 550g PVC
  • Cover sheet is 400g PVC
  • Weight = 115kg
  • Packed size = 1,5m x 0,7m x 0,7m

Download the ARK – Inflatable Tent – MODULO DESIGN Spec Sheet here.