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WATERAX Air transport fuel tank

Tough, lightweight, and rust proof with its unique and integrated fuel supply adaptor, this container meets the rigid US Military and UN standards (certification #MIL-C-53109). It is the only container to be registered by Transport Canada for UN performance packaging (certification #UN 3H1 / Y1.0/200 / yy / Can / Spr 2 456 / 2.3mm). Seamless all-plastic material, permanently “Olive Drab” colored finish. 5.3 US gals (20 L). Includes inner filter and ball type 1/4-turn fuel supply adaptor B-7462.



Approved for air transport via rotary or fixed-wing aircraft. Options 12-401B-NSC 51” (1.3m) fuel supply hose with priming bulb
(Includes R-712, R-732 & A-7487)