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Ramcom Specialized Vehicles

The camper body is mounted on a Medium Sized 4×4 Mitsubishi Fuso with Hi and Low range, central diff lock, limited slip diff at rear and ABS brake system
fitted with single wheels at the rear.

RAMCOM TRUCKS AND LOAD BODIES has a record of building 4×4 campers onto customer’s vehicles over the past 25 years, purely from word of mouth and made a decision to venture into the open market with the very capable mid sized Mitsubishi Fuso FG 6-106 4X4 chassis cab, naming them NYATI OVERLAND CAMPERS.. Member, Peter Woolley, having done numerous trips into Africa and having had smaller campers, and often in normal self contained 4×4 vehicles, had realized it gets rather tiresome having to set up camp every other day [28 times] travelling in a normal 4×4 and secondly the further north you go you see numerous international self contained 4×4 motor homes.
What a pleasure it is to arrive at a site that you choose, open the door, crank out the awning take your chairs out of the side locker and in less than two minutes you are done with an ice cold drink in hand, now that’s convenience.
With 30 years of truck body building we set to work on a serious no frills overland camper naming it INYATI meaning Buffalo, that a small family or couple that can travel for several months at a time through the back roads of Africa with confidence with all the home comforts.