ODIN Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) by Darley Pumps


This model provides a “self-contained” gasoline powered “slide-in” type Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS). The CAFS shall be designed to fit into the back of a standard length and width pick-up truck or fire service body.

The CAFS shall be designed to discharge water only, air only, foam solution only or compressed air foam from the same discharge outlet. In addition, the consistency of the compressed air foam (expansion ratio), wet/dry shall be fully adjustable.


The engine shall be a Briggs and Stratton Vangaurd, 2 Cylinder, 4 Cycle gasoline fueled, pressure lubricated engine. It shall develop 23 hp at 3600 rpm. It shall be of carburetor type fuel system, air cooled with choke operation. It shall have a 16-amp alternator, 12VDC electric start. It shall be equipped with a dry cartridge, air filter and a muffler.
Water Pump
The water pump shall be a Darley 2BE single-stage centrifugal pump with a vertically split aluminum case. It shall have replaceable bronze impeller and seal rings on a stainless steel shaft. The pump seal shall be of a mechanical design.
Air Compressor
The air compressor shall be of the encapsulated screw type, designed and installed to supply a minimum of 40 cfm @ 125 psi (1416 L/min @ 8.6 b) of free air at maximum engine rpm. The compressor air/oil receiver shall be built and designed by the compressor manufacturer.
All air-lines shall be rated to a minimum of 250 psi (17.24 b). All control air fittings shall be of brass of chrome construction. Stainless steel or brass check valves shall be utilized at air injection points to prevent water/solution back-flow into air-lines.
Foam Concentrate Proportioner
The automatic foam proportioner shall be the Darley Fast Foam 50. It shall be provided and installed to inject foam concentrate into all foam discharges. The proportioner shall automatically meter the correct percentage of foam concentrate, based on current flow, into the water stream. A check valve shall be provided ahead of the foam injection point to prevent foam solution back-flow. The concentrate pump shall be a 12VDC, electrically driven, positive displacement pump. The concentrate pump shall be rated to flow ½ gpm @ 150psi (1.89L/min @ 10.3b). The proportioner on/off switch, ratio controls, operating instructions and low concentrate warning light shall be mounted on the pump panel.
For sustained operation of the injection system, it may be necessary to operate the vehicles main engine for adequate voltage.
Drive System
The water pump is directly driven off the engine crankshaft. The air compressor is belt driven off the engine crankshaft to the side of the engine. They shall be driven via a dry Gates Polychain® drive system. The complete drive system shall have a 2,000 hour rated service life and shall be designed and rated for the imposed speed and load.
Electrical System
All electrical equipment installed by the manufacturer shall conform to current automotive electrical system standards and the requirements of the applicable NFPA apparatus standards. The wiring shall be individually and permanently color and function coded. The installation shall meet SAE Standard J1128 in its latest edition for GXL or SXL temperature rating.

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