Fuel carrying tank


MODEL NO. FA-452 / FA-452-3

The slim design of this marine fuel tank allows storing standing up or lying down. Comes with a standard fuel gauge. UL and CSA standards certification for portable marine fuel tanks. High-density polyethylene, permanently red colored. Capacity of 6.6 US gals (25 L) or 3.2 US gals (12 L).


EPA Compliant Options
12- 401B-NS          51” (1.3 m) fuel supply hose with priming bulb.
R-712                      1/4-turn handle.
R-732                     Connector.
A-7487                   Fuel dust cap.


FA-452 shown with fuel supply hose with priming bulb and handle quick-connect 12-401B-NS and optional (R-712) 1/4-turn handle.


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