Fog/straight stream nozzle with d-handle pistol grip shut-offs


  • Designed for use with In-Line Foam Eductors, these Nozzles cannot be closed off.
  • Available in High-Flow (HF = 50 to 100 GPM) and Low-Flow (LF = 15 to 50 GPM).
  • 4037 units include a Pistol-grip, bale shut-off.
  • Suitable for Class A and Class B foams.
  • Comes with 1-½” NHT, NP or BSP swivel connections.
  • For the nozzle only (with no Shut-Off capability), use stock codes: 4035-HF and 4035-LF.


4037-HF                50 GPM to 100 GPM                1.5″ NP
4037-HFA              50 GPM to 100 GPM               1.5″ NHT
4037-LF                15 GPM to 50 GPM                   1.5″ NP
4037-LFA              15 GPM to 50 GPM                  1.5″ NHT


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