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HP - Portable

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  • Class1 Pro-Kit

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    The Hale/Class1 Pro-Kit™ program is designed to provide the professional fire-rescue vehicle manufacturer with an advanced method of configuring, ordering, and installing Hale/Class1’s state-of- the-art portable pumps.
  • Super Chief

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    Portable Floating Pump

    The Super Chief is the pump to count on when you cannot count on hydrants. Easily used with alternative water sources such as streams, lakes, or pools, the Super Chief requires only three inches of water to draft. It delivers a flow of 420 GPM (1590 LPM) with one discharge port or a maximum pressure of 50 PSI. Ideal for drafting from streams or ponds, the Super Chief can also throw a stream of water more than 90 feet for direct firefighting capabilities. Manufactured by GODIVA