Fire 247 CAFS Retro Fit solution

Do you have a limited budget?
Do you have an older fire apparatus that still has plenty of life?
Does the fire pump still pump water like a charm?

How would you like to add a compressed air foam system to your aging pumper? Is it even possible to retrofit a CAFS onto our vehicle?  Well … where there’s a will there is a way.  Fire 247 can add a Darley AutoCAFS to your existing vehicle can be done and it’s now available at a reasonable price. Many completed packages at less than $30,000.  No matter whether you have a Darley fire pump or not, it would be Darley’s pleasure to update your fire fighting capability to today’s CAFS technology.  If you have an available PTO outlet on your transmission, it can be used to drive the new Darley 200 CFM CAFS rotary screw air compressor package.

Fire 247 can install all the necessary components to transform your vehicle. The components used to turn a water pumping vehicle into a CAFS are as follows:

  1. Install a rotary screw, CAFS-compatible, air compressor
  2. Install a foam proportioning system
  3. Replumb the desired foam capable discharges from a dedicated foam manifold. Install all necessary check valves. Commonly 2 to 4 discharges can be converted to foam/CAFS discharges.
  4. Install the CAFS controls and compressor controls onto the pump panel.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a side mount or top mount pump panel. If the physical space is available for the components, your vehicle can become CAFS equipped. Experience quicker fire knockdowns while using less water.

1st Step

Send Darley some information. Darley needs the chassis engine and transmission information as well as details on your fire pump. Please send us some snapshots of your truck. Either mail or e-mail this info and some photos of your pump panel, pump compartment, transmission, and a shot of the entire truck for reference. E-mail them to or by regular mail: Darley Company, 920 Kurth Rd , Chippewa Falls , WI 54729 . Please send all information Attn: Troy Carothers

2nd Step

We will review your information and contact you with your options.

Not all trucks are candidates for CAFS, but all retrofits require the vehicle to be delivered to one of four service locations across the country for the work to be completed. The time it takes to install the system will depend on the complexity of the options chosen. Most times one week is enough time to install the kit and reconfigure the pump plumbing and pump control panel.

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