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Who are we?

FIRE 247 are suppliers of fire fighting equipment, water pumps and Foam CAFS systems to clients throughout the Southern African region. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest International Technical Developments and Enhancements in the Fire Fighting industry in order to provide our customers with informed and up to date products using the latest technology available.

Our partners include local suppliers who build the off-road 4×4 trailer units as well as bakkie skid units, which gets delivered to clients in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar and Mozambique. This helps to strengthen local content and empower service providers as well as bringing stability to the market.

We Supply:

We Provide the Best Quality Fire Fighting Products to Small Businesses and Fire Stations.

Flaim VR Fire fighting training solutions Logo

Fire 247 has brought the technology based learning solution FLAIM Trainer™  to South Africa! This Virtual Reality training solution, combines high fidelity virtual fire environments with real time physical interfaces to deliver a real-feel virtual training experience, any place, any time in a safe cost effective manner, that safely prepares firefighters for the risks associated with fighting fires using fire fighting equipment.

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The Brands we Supply

Featured Products

  • Scotty Bravo Backpack System


    The Scotty 4000-BRAVO Backpack is designed to be a simple, portable reservoir for water and/or foam concentrate (Class A or class B). It provides the wearer with a safe and comfortable way to carry liquids used during fire operations. The backpack system consists of an outer shell with a removable inner bladder. The outer shell is made in a high-visibility yellow, ballistic nylon fabric and is extremely durable and UV resistant. The BRAVO comes with an ultra-comfortable shoulder harness system. It uses high strength nylon webbing for the fully adjustable shoulder, sternum and waist straps. The high-visibility yellow color allows the Scotty Backpack to stand out through smoke and foliage. Each backpack has a 4" wide filled port with lid and a standard " garden hose thread for an outlet.
    The BRAVO Backpack is pictured with the Scotty 4000 Water Hand Pump and 4062 Pick-Up Hose. To order,
    use complete product code 4000-BRAVO. To order the BRAVO System with a foam hand pump (4000F) use the complete product code 4000F-BRAVO.
  • Halligan Pry Tools ML803

    Halligan Pry Tools ML803

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    Made with a durable black tactical finish, these heavy-duty Hooligan tools are designed to pry, pound, twist, and cut open or remove all types of barriers.



    The WATERAX STRIKER-3 also known as ULTRASTRIKER® pump, pairs a reliable 3-stage centrifugal pump end with the Honda 4-stroke 13 HP engine to achieve pressures of up to 345 PSI (23.8 BAR) and flow rates reaching 102 GPM (386 L/Min). It can be used by itself, in tandem or in parallel with other WATERAX pumps, and is also a very popular choice for snow making and slip-on applications. Manufactured by WATERAX 
  • 600lt Fire fighting Skid Unit mounted on custom Off Road Trailer

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    600 Liter Trailer mounted fire fighting system, all ready to go when the fire hits the Fields. This strong and durable units are built locally and will withstand any punishment its given in our tough mountain ranges in South Africa.
  • ARK – Inflatable Tent – MODULO DESIGN


    This design leverages on the benefits of our standard 5m x 5m geodesic tent design (sturdy, self-erecting, manageable size and weight for transporting and erecting), however we have designed vertical sides, so there is significantly more space utilization inside the tent. The generic design module, allows the tent to be used as complete standalone, or to be connected with other tent modules in any linear, L-shape, U-shape configuration.
  • Kestrel 5500 Fire Weather Meter Pro


    Standard Kestrel Meters measure every common environmental parameter and meet the demands of users who need quick and accurate current readings. Our advanced 4000 series meters add data logging, graphical display and more calculated measurements. Our specialty Kestrel Meters address specific markets, incorporating job-specific measurements and features that professionals have requested. Kestrel’s accuracy and rugged reliability, combined with our ability to respond to our customers’ requests, means professionals rely on Kestrel to not only get the job done, but to get the job done safely and more easily.
  • Halligan heavy-duty Pry Tool ML805

    Halligan Pry Tools ML805

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    Made with a durable black tactical finish, these heavy-duty Hooligan tools are designed to pry, pound, twist, and cut open or remove all types of barriers.
  • Battering Ram Forced Entry Tool

    Door Breaching Battering Ram Forced Entry Tool

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    With two front handles. The kinetic energy is greatly increased to 20,000 lbs. Two person style (shown) is designed as a two-person ram which may be used by one strong person long.
  • Prima P1 6010 / 4010 / 3010 UV SmartCAFS

    Prima P1 6010 UV SmartCAFS

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    UV SmartCAFS is a Compressed Air Foam System that works smarter for you. Using a Compressed Air Foam System has traditionally been a complex and daunting task with many sequentially specialised steps. Successfully balancing the water pump, foam system, and air system so they work effectively together can be downright frustrating. The days of intimidating CAFS are over. UV SmartCAFS executes all of these functions for your operator and completely simplifies the CAFS procedure.  
  • 2500lt Off Road Fire Fighting Trailer

    2500lt Off Road Fire Fighting Trailer

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    With this multipurpose suction, pumping, mixing and circulation unit you can use it for firefighting, pre fire control, water transport, dust suppression and fence line spray. We have the right trailer unit for you.

Latest News

Firefighter injured as blazes wreak havoc in Northern Cape

A firefighter was injured and had to be rushed to hospital after runaway fires wreaked havoc in the Northern Cape on Thursday. Sol Plaatje municipality spokesperson Sello Matsie said the firefighter suffered burn wounds to his arm and chest. Matsie said the municipality was called out to help at around 8.30pm on Thursday when the …

TFD firefighter lost his life in the line of duty

A 37-year-old firefighter was killed in the line of duty, Thursday evening after he fell heavily in to a lift shaft inside a burning crystal shop in south of Tehran. The brave firefighter, Morteza Heidari, was deployed to a shopping center fire alarm at 8:30 p.m. local time. While at the scene, operational teams from …

Emergency services are under attack in Cape Town

CAPE TOWN – Emergency services are under attack in Cape Town. Some 21 violent incidents, targeting Fire and Rescue services have been recorded to date, since March 2018. Recently, two firefighters from the Brackenfell station were assaulted, after receiving a hoax call in Wallacedene. City of Cape Town’s safety and security officials say they’re concerned …

Cape Town fire service attacked three times in 48 hours

The City’s Fire and Rescue Service has been targeted three times in the space of 48 hours this week, says Mayco member for safety and security JP Smith. In the most recent incident on Wednesday, a fire vehicle in Mfuleni – while under police escort – was set alight, but staff were able to extinguish …

Firefighter goes beyond call of duty

Firefighter Prince Zwide Masuku was on his way home on Sunday after working the nightshift when he sprang into action to rescue a family of three in distress. The 32-year-old Masuku saw a car swerve and roll in a flooded spot on the road near Huntersfield Stadium in Katlehong before slipping into a small lake …

Volunteer Wildfire Services honour their female heroes for Women’s Month

The Volunteer Wildfire Services is honouring their female heroes this Women’s Month and the first to feature here is Slee Mbhele; an inspiration to all! Cape Town, South Africa (14 August 2020) – The Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) is honouring all the female heroes on their team this month for Women’s Month. Each Friday they …

Firemen deliver! Crew aids mother giving birth to baby on a rooftop

When you sign up to be a firefighter, you don’t expect to count “delivering babies on rooftops” as one of your duties. But that’s what these City of Cape Town firefighters ended up doing when they were called out to a house in Belhar early on Tuesday morning. Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, …

Cape Town firefighters robbed and assaulted during fake call-out

Pair were ambushed, robbed and assaulted by three men while attending a non-existent blaze in Wallacedene. Story by: Mike Simpson Credit to: The South African Images Supplied via: The South African Cape Town’s firefighters are again in the firing line for all the wrong reasons. In yet another of a long line of attacks on …

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