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Our Vision

Providing the market both captive and new, with alternative, well researched and internationally known brands that will provide a powerful force in maximising their efforts in supplying to their end users, a world class range of products that will enhance their efforts to curbing, managing & extinguishment of fires.

Our Mission

FIRE 24/7 was inaugurated after certain lucrative agencies had been under exposed in our local market. We then obtained the rights to import, market and distribute products that are well known to the industry but were not well exposed. With having been part of the initial introduction of these agencies into the Southern African markets and having intimate knowledge of the same, as well as having a well-grounded relationship, forged over 15 years of trading with the overseas suppliers, FIRE 24/7 secured importation, distribution and marketing rights for the following firefighting products:

  • Godiva
  • Hale
  • Inforest
  • Scotty
  • Dragon Winches
  • ELPAM Electronics
  • URBAN WOLF Tactical

Our Values

Our single aim will be to develop an O.E.M distributer network in Southern Africa (South of the Equator) and to support the same with sales, product training and servicing requirements.

FIRE 24/7’s current agencies have M.O.U’s in place and expansion of this will be an ongoing task, sourcing additional suppliers of similar goods and services. Our belief is that the products that we currently have and will negotiate for in the future will each, enhance the sales of the other as we will be dealing with the same Customer needs.